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Accepting Online Payments (Legacy)

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Setting Up Online Payments for Online Bookings

The following instructions are for the Legacy Online Bookings system.

For information on Accepting Online Payments for the New Online Bookings system please click here.

Nookal integrates with multiple online Payment Processors to allow clients to pay for their invoices online. These integrations also allow clients to make an immediate payment when booking a session online.

This functionality is designed to both reduce the time spent on administrative tasks such as following up overdue payments, as well as help practices offer their clients a smooth and convenient transactional experience.

Currently, Nookal offers integrations with Paypal, Stripe and Square to achieve this. Find out more on setting up and accepting online payments for each of these Payment Processors below.

We recommend researching each of these Payment Processors to make sure their product offering is suitable for your practice.


Setting up Online Payments with Paypal

Accepting Online Payments with Paypal


Setting up Online Payments with Stripe

Accepting Online Payments with Stripe


Setting up Online Payments with Square

Accepting Online Payments with Square

Setting Up Online Payments for Online Bookings

Once one of the above integrations is set up, it is easy to enable Services and Classes to be paid via the Online Booking platform.


Go to Setup > Items > open the Services or Classes section.


Click on the Service or Class and tick the Enable Integrations option if not already ticked.


In the Integrations section, select Enabled at Online Payments.


Tick Payment Required To Complete Booking if a full payment is needed for this type of Service or Class prior to finalising the booking. If left unticked, the client has the option to pay now, or make payment when invoiced.


Click Save Changes.

The Online Booking platform will be automatically updated with the Online Payments option. No update or modification is required in the Online Bookings section.

Partial or deposit payments via Online Bookings are not currently available.

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