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Accessing and Exporting Clinical Notes

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Accessing Clinical Notes From the Diary

The quickest way to access the Clinical Notes section is from a Client Booking in the Diary, just as if wanting to write one.

For an Appointment, click on the Booking in the Diary and click Clinical Notes at the top of the appointment window.

For a Class, click on the Class in the Diary, select the Client and click Clinical Notes in the right-hand-side menu.

Accessing Clinical Notes without a Booking

To access Clinical Notes without a Booking handy, Clinical Notes can be accessed from the Client Profile.

1. Head to Clients to find the Client’s Profile. See Finding a Client’s Profile for more assistance.

2. Click on Clinical Notes.

3. Select the Case.

The Clinical Note section will be displayed.

To display Clinical Notes for all of the Client’s Cases by ticking the All Cases option.

Exporting Clinical Notes

If required to send some Clinical Notes to the Client or to someone else involved in the Client’s care, it is possible to Print or Email the Notes from one Case at the time.

1. From the Client’s Clinical Notes section, click Print/Email at the bottom of the History section.

2. Select the Date of the Clinical Note that will be exported.

3. Click Export.

4. A preview of the exported Clinical Note will be displayed, click Email or Print in the bottom right corner and follow the prompts from there.

If relevant, tick Separate page per notes on print to have each Clinical Note on a different page.


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