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Activity Report

Austin Written by Austin
... on a nifty November day.

The Activity Report presents all the Invoiced items or redeemed passes grouped by provider or salesperson – regardless of Payment status.

What can you use this Report for?

Generate this report to calculate staff salaries and commission on sales and to evaluate activity performed by Providers and Salesperson.

Filters and Options

Filters Description
Date Items invoiced (or dated) within the timeframe.
Location Invoice Location item is invoiced in.
Staff Items attributed to selected Staff Members (provider or salesperson) to be included in the report.
Show Adjustments If ticked, Adjustments processed to item totals matching the filters will be displayed.
Payers Items in invoices attributed to selected Payers will be included in the report.
Services Services to include in the report.
Classes Classes to include in the report.
Inventory Inventory items to include in the report.
Passes Passes to include in the report.
Redemptions Redemptions of Passes to include in the report.
Others Other items to include in the report.

What is displayed in the report?

  • The Summary table lists the total amount invoiced or redeemed for each type of items with sales tax details.
  • Below are a summary table for each provider with the total amount generated per type of item and a detailed table of each item invoiced or pass redeemed.
Column Description
Date Item date.
Location Invoice Location.
Client Name of the Client the item was invoice to.
Case Title of the Case the item was invoice for.
Item Name of the invoiced item.
Type Type of the invoiced item.
Invoice Invoice number.
Invoice Date Date of the invoice.
Invoice Type Addressee of the invoice (Private or third-party payer).
Account Code Accounting Code in the items setup page.
Net Total amount invoiced for the item (excluding sales tax).
Discount Discount amount applied to the item price.
Sales Tax Sales tax added to the item’s total amount.
Amount Total amount invoiced for the item (including sales tax).
Nominal Nominal value set for Pass Redemptions.

Tips and Tricks

Selecting all Passes and all redemptions can lead to adding the same amount twice (Pass sales price and redemption nominal value).

When ticking “Show Adjustments”, adjustments will be shown in a separate row with the specific date the adjustment was processed.

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