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Adding a Budget to a Case

Nookal Written by Nookal
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Attributing a Budget to a Case
Adding Money to a Budget

Nookal offers the option to manage claims for a Payer with a Budget instead of a number of sessions. This can be quite helpful for programs that assigned a certain budget for different types of services, such as NDIS.

NDIS Integration or Client Funding needs to be enabled for the Budget feature to be used for the Payer of a Case. See Setting up the NDIS Integration for more details.

Attributing a Budget to a Case


Open the Client’s Case.

A budget can also be added when:

Creating a Case at the time of making a Booking.

Clicking Edit Case Details on the appointment screen and adding a new Payer to a Case.


Click Add Payer.


Search and select the Payer within the Contacts.


Select Budget as the billing type and click Next.

Adding Money to a Budget


In the Payer column of the Case’s page, click Edit in the Budget section.


Add amounts against the appropriate Billing Categories.

The Categories displayed are those created in either the NDIS or Client Funding setup pages. If you have the NDIS integration enabled, these categories will override any that have been set up in Client Funding.


Click Save.

The total Budget amount will be displayed.


Click Save Changes in the bottom right corner for the budget to be saved against the Case.

Once saved, the total Remaining balance will be displayed.


Add any Referral details to the Case such as referral date and doctor, expiry date, reference number as required for invoicing or claiming.


Click Save Changes.

Once the Case is set with a Budget, any invoices generated for the Case and Payer will update the remaining balance.

For additional details on keeping track of the budget, billing and exporting invoices, refer to Managing and Tracking a Budget.

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