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Adding a Logo

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Changing a Logo

Adding a logo to Nookal is a great way to personalise the letterhead for invoices and letters. The logo is also used when sending emails from Nookal. Below explains how to add a new or change an existing logo.

  • Your logo may be added to each Location in your account.
  • Each Location may have the same or different logo.
  • Accepted logo image formats are PNG and JPG.
  • Logos will be scaled down to fit a maximum 768px x 256px.
  • Logos must not be smaller than 256px wide or 256px high (after scaling).

Go to Setup.


Click Locations under Practice.


Click on the Location to open this location’s page.


Click Upload Logo.


Find the logo in your local device’s folders and click Open.


Click Save Changes.

If you are changing the logo, you will need to Delete the previous logo and Save Changes before opening the location’s page again and adding the new logo as explained above.


In the Location page, Click Delete Logo.


Click Save Changes.


Open the Location page again.


Follow steps 4 onwards of the previous section.

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