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Adding Clients

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Creating a New Client Profile Without Making a Booking

To book a Client or patient for Consultations or Classes, a Client Profile must be created.

It is generally quicker to create the Client Profile at the time of booking an appointment in the Diary.

Creating a New Client Profile From the Diary


In the Diary, click on an available slot in the appropriate Diary column.


Enter the First Name and Last Name of the Client in the appropriate fields.

Double check that the Client isn’t already in the database to avoid creating a duplicate. Use the list to compare Clients with the same name and their Date of Birth.


If no existing Client matches, click Create Client.


Complete the First Name, Last Name and add one Phone Number to be able to create a Client Profile.

If there is no time to add more details, simply go on to book the appointment. Additional details can be added later or send the Client Form for Clients to fill in the additional details themselves.


If using email or SMS reminders, ask for consent and tick the appropriate checkboxes. If the Client is under 16, record who gave consent in the Parent/Guardian field.

Make sure the email or mobile number is added in the Profile for reminders to be sent.


Click Create Client to reach the Create Appointment page.


Complete as many fields as is appropriate/possible at the time of Client creation. We strongly recommend completing the Consent Fields. If consent is received for Email Reminders/Marketing, the Client’s email address field is also required.

Creating a New Client Profile Without Making a Booking

If no booking is needed at the time of creating the Client Profile, it is possible to create a Profile from the Clients tab.


Head to the Clients tab.


Enter the new Client Name into the search fields on the left-hand side.


If the Client doesn’t match an existing Client in the database, click Create Client in the bottom right corner.


Follow Steps 4 onward in the section above to create the Client’s Profile.

Once the Client Profile is created, it will be possible to book the Client for Consultations or Classes.

Refer to Booking an Appointment for an Existing Client for more details.

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