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Adding Details for Unfit-to-Work ACC Claims

Nookal Written by Nookal
... on an ostentatious October day.

When submitting a New Claim to ACC, if the Client cannot resume normal work, additional details need to be added to the claim. Below explain what information is required.


Next to Resume, select No – this client cannot resume normal work.


Select a Date when work can be resumed.


Click the Plus icon next to Incapacity to specify the level of Incapacity.


Within the Incapacity window, start by defining the Timeframe, Incapacity Type and Comments.

If the client is Fully Unfit to Work, no furhter details are required regarding work limitation.


If the client is Fit for Selected Work, specification will be needed such as level of physical activity, restrictions and hours of work.


Click Add Incapacity.

To add multiple incapacities, repeat steps 3-5 above.

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