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Adding Multiple Provider Numbers To An Invoice

Jadzia Written by Jadzia
... on a jolly January day.

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Adding the Provider Numbers to the Staff Profile
Using the Provider Number on Invoices

Sometimes Insurers and other Third Party Payers need multiple provider numbers on the same invoice. In this help guide we demonstrate how to achieve this in Nookal.

Adding the Provider Numbers to the Staff Profile

To add multiple provider numbers to an invoice, we need to enter them into the staff profile.


Head into Setup.


Select Staff under Users.


Click on the Staff member’s Name to edit their profile.


Click Add New next to Registration.

You’ll need to have the Provider setting enabled to see the Registration options.


In the popup window, enter all of the Registration/Provider Numbers you want to appear together. Separate the Provider Numbers with as shown in the image below. Then select Next.


Select the Location (all or a single location) and click Next.


Select the Type of Payer this number will be used for and click Next.


The Provider Number will be shown in the list of Registrations. Click Save Changes at the bottom-right corner to finalise the addition.

Using the Provider Number on Invoices


When Generating a New Invoice you can select the Provider Numbers by selecting them from the Provider # dropdown menu at the top of the invoice.


Upon Saving the invoice, you’ll see all Provider Numbers displayed on the invoice.

You can also use the Provider Numbers on existing invoices. Follow the steps in the Changing or Adding a Provider – Single or Multiple Items section of our Editing an Item in an Existing Invoice help article.

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