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Adding Staff Members

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This article explains how to create new Staff members in Nookal.

Each person accessing the account should have their own email address and password to ensure accurate recording of staff actions in the system and to manage permissions. See Creating Nookal Access for Staff Members for more details.

Only Providers with a diary column require licenses. Additional accesses for all other staff members (receptionists, bookkeepers, accountants, practice managers…) are free.


Go to Setup.


Click Staff under Users.


Click Create Staff Member at the bottom right.


  Enter the required Details for the new Staff member.

Some information will be visible to the public on Online Bookings for staff members that are Providers. See Setting Up Staff for Online Bookings for more details.


It is recommended to add as much information as possible in the Staff page so it is easily accessible for future reference.


By default, Status of new Staff members is set as Inactive, select Active if the staff member is currently involved in the business.


Set the Access levels for this Staff member.

  • If this staff member will not have access to Nookal, select No Access.


If this Staff member is a Provider, tick the Provider box and see Setting up Staff Members as Providers for all the details.


Select the Locations you want this Staff to access either All or a Selection.


Once the Staff member is set up properly, click Create Staff Member.


Click Ok when the notification window pops up to confirm changes have been saved.


Repeat these steps for every new Staff member.

  • Staff access and information can be edited after the Staff has been created by clicking on the Name in the Staff section.
  • Staff members can’t be deleted to avoid data going missing. If a Staff member leaves, set their account as Inactive.
  • If a Provider’s status is changed to Inactive, it will free up a practitioner license for use as the Staff will no longer be shown on the Diary.
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