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Adding Staff Signatures

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Use Staff Signatures in Nookal to personalise Letters and Emails sent from Nookal.

Only users with Permissions to Edit Staff will be able to add Signatures.


Navigate to Setup > Users > Staff.


Click on the name of the staff member you wish to add a signature for.


Scroll to the Signature section.


Click Custom if it isn’t already selected.


Add the desired text to the Signature, such as a sign-off and your name.


If you have an image of your signature on your computer, you can add it here too! Make sure your cursor is on the spot in the signature that you want your image to be added to.


Click Insert Signature.


Select an image from your computer (in the format of JPG, PNG or GIF) and ensure it is in the correct position in relation to the rest of the text in your Signature.


Save Changes. The signature is now ready for use!


Repeat the above steps for all Staff profiles as required.


If you need to remove an image of a signature click Delete Signature.

Find out how to use Signatures in Letters.

Signatures are also used when sending emails from the Clients > Messages section and in emails that contain Letters and Clinical Notes. As long as the staff member selected in the Reply To section of the email has a signature uploaded in their Staff Profile it will appear in sent emails.



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