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Applying a Discount to an Invoice

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Applying a Discount While Generating an Invoice
Adding a Discount to an Existing Invoice

Applying a Discount While Generating an Invoice

Discounts can be applied to invoices while generating them. See the steps below on how to accomplish this.

Create a specific Discount if it is going to be used multiple times (e.g. running a promotion or offering discount to a specific group) to track it easily in the Reports section. See Creating a Discount for more details.


Click on the box below Discount.

 2. Click on the arrow to the right of No Discount to open the list of available Discounts.


 3. Choose the appropriate Discount from the drop-down list.



If Manager Discount is selected, key in the amount to be deducted from the Invoice. If another discount is selected, the set amount or percentage will be deducted from the Item total.


Click Confirm.



Ensure the proper amount is now showing in Total.


Adding a Discount to an Existing Invoice

Discounts can only be added to Invoices once being generated, if a discount needs to be added afterwards, it will be done just like an adjustment.

For more information on adding a discount to an existing Invoice, see Making an Adjustment on an Invoice Total.

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