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Banking Report

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What can you use this Report for?
Filters and Options
What is displayed in the report?
Tips and Tricks

The Banking Report lists monetary payments received within the timeframe requested and summarises them by payment method (Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card, Private Health, Public Health, Cheque, Bank Transfer (also referred to as EFT).

What can you use this Report for?

Generate this report to reconcile your days takes (or period of the day using the time filter) to match cash and settlement figures.

Once the report is generated, the total of each payment method in the Summary table should match the total money received (e.g. Cash in the till, total card transactions…)

Filters and Options

Filters Description
Date and Time Payment transactions processed (or dated) within the timeframe.
Location Payment location – regardless of the invoice location.
Methods Select specific methods to easily find a specific transaction
Show Cheques If ticked, adds a table with Cheque details which can be used as a deposit slip.

What is displayed in the report?

  • Payments and refunds recorded by the transaction’s date and time regardless of the invoice or item date.
  • Summary table displays the total amount received for each payment method.
Column Description
Date Date and time the Payment was made.
Method Payment method used by the Client.
Client Name of the Client the Payment was made for.
Location Location of the Payment (regardless of Invoice Location).
Invoice Invoice number the Payment is attributed to.
Details Transaction ID (when Payments are processed by an Integration)
Type Type of item paid-for or Refunded.
Item Item paid for
Amount Amount paid

Tips and Tricks

If paying for multiple items with the same transaction, the payment will be split across the different items and each part of the amount will be displayed for the relevant item.

What is the difference between the Payment report and the Banking report?

  • Banking report looks at all the money transactions that have been processed, whether or not the money was used to pay for an item.
  • Payment report looks at all the transaction that paid for items, whether or not actual money was received.
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