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Change of Ownership

Jadzia Written by Jadzia
... on an awesome August day.

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Changing the Owner of your Account
Owner’s Profile
Updating Banking Details

Sold your business or passing it on? Changing the owner of your Nookal Account is a straight forward process with just a couple of steps.

Changing the Owner of your Account

First we need to update the details of the account owner in the Subscriptions page.


Go into Setup.


Click Subscription under Subscription.


Select View at Account Information.


This is where you can edit the Account Owner’s details. Adjust the information in the fields as needed and Save Changes.

Note: The Save Changes button will appear once a change is made to any field.

Owner’s Profile

If you haven’t done so already you’ll need to create a staff profile for the new Account Owner.

Follow the steps outlined in this help article for Adding Staff Members. Be sure to set the user’s permission group to Owner.

You’ll want to add the new Owner’s profile before adjusting the existing Owner as only a user within the Owner permission group can select the Owner permissions option on Staff Profiles.

Now that the Nookal Account is officially changed over and the new Owner is assigned, you’ll want to adjust the staff profile for the old owner. Depending on the circumstances you may need to update the information or set the Staff Profile as inactive.

Here are some potential areas of the staff profile that are worth checking and updating.

  • Status. Does the user still need an active profile? If not, set them as inactive.
  • Permissions. Does the user no longer need Owner Permissions? Select the appropriate permissions group from the dropdown menu.
  • Position. Has the user changed roles within the Company? Adjust their Position to reflect this change.

Updating Banking Details

You’ll want to update the billing information on the Nookal Account to ensure the correct card is charged any subscription or credit fees.


To do this go into Setup.


Then into Subscription under Subscription.


Now select View at Payment Details.


Click on Add Payment Method.


Enter the new Credit Card details into the dialogue box, and select Add.

This new Credit Card will be used for future payments.

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