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Claiming for NDIS Clients

Catherine Written by Catherine
... on a magical May day.

This article is a guide to help claim NDIS clients when using Nookal. Nookal users are welcome to utilise their own system when it comes to billing NDIS clients. We assume that you are already familiar with Nookal’s billing processes when reading this advice.

The first step is to know if a NDIS Client is self-managed, plan-managed or NDIA-managed. This information will be critical when it comes to the payment process as each type of NDIS Client is paid by a different method.

Self-Managed Clients

Self-managed Clients control their own NDIS budgets. A self-managed Client will pay their provider directly then either claim directly from the NDIA pre or post-treatment. Give Client the invoices with the appropriate NDIS item code for the NDIS claiming process.

  1. Self-managed Client will pay for their session just like any private Client.
  2. Set them up with a Privately-paid Case, and invoice them directly.

Plan-Managed Clients

To receive payment for services or supports for Clients who are plan-managed, providers are required to send invoices to the Client’s Plan Manager who will manage the payment request process and pay the provider.

  1. Add the Client’s plan manager as a Contact in Nookal, setting them as Payer.
  2. Add the Contact as the Client’s Payer for their Case.
  3. Email the invoice directly to the Contact.

NDIA-Managed (or Agency-Managed) Clients

To receive payment for services or supports for Clients who are NDIA-managed, providers are required to submit a Payment Request electronically through NDIS portal.

To manage an NDIA-managed Client in Nookal, consider:

  • Tracking the total amount spent with the Outstanding Balance banner while generating a new Invoice; or
  • Setting up a number of Approved Sessions (to the total value of treatments available) for the NDIS Payer in the Client’s Case; or
  • Adding NDIS as a Referrer in the Client’s Case – this will allow you to track the monetary value of the NDIS Clients in Reporting.

For detailed steps on making payment requests, please refer to the guides on the NDIS website.

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