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Claiming NDIS with Nookal

Nookal Written by Nookal
... on a delightful December day.

Nookal has an NDIS tool allowing easy budget tracking and claiming through the NDIS portal. To use this tool to its full potential, simply follow the steps below to set it up and to learn how to use it.

Setting Up the NDIS Integration, Items and Contacts.

1. Enable the NDIS integration, create billing Categories and configure items for NDIS Claims in Setup > Connections > Integrations > NDIS > Configure.

2. Enable Items (Services, Classes and Inventory items) for NDIS Claims in Setup > Items > Services / Classes / Inventory.

3. Add NDIS Registration No. for Contacts in the Contacts section.

More details can be found in Setting up the NDIS Integration.

Adding a Budget to a Case

Once the integration is set, it is possible to assign a Budget to a Payer in a Case and to breakdown the budget for different Categories.

1. In the Case, click Add Payer.

2. Select Budget.

3. Set a budget for each relevant Billing Category and Save.

More details can be found here: Adding a Budget to a Case.

Managing and Using Budgets

Once Budgets are added to Cases, the balance will be displayed in different places such as on the booking, on the invoice creation screen, in the Case’s section and in the Client’s Account section.

The budget balance for each category is updated when items are invoiced not when the booking is made.

When invoicing for NDIS claims the option to select or change the item Billing Category is displayed on the invoice creation screen.

More details can be found here: Managing and Tracking a Budget.

Exporting NDIS Data for Claiming

If everything is set in Nookal to claim NDIS, exporting data to import into the NDIS portal is quick and easy.

There is also a history of exported claims to easily track progress.

1. Head to Manage > Administration > NDIS Export > generate a report for the relevant date range.

2. Check data and Export.

3. A CSV file will be downloaded, ready to be imported in the NDIS portal.

More details here: Export for NDIS Portal.

Reporting on NDIS Data

Nookal has an NDIS report to track NDIS budget and claims at a glance for all Clients.

1. Simply head to Reports > Financial > Client Funding and click Generate. This will provide a report of all active claims with a remaining balance.

2. If looking for a specific type of claim, such as expired or used budget, simply make the appropriate filter selection.

3. The report generated can be printed, emailed or exported as a spreadsheet (CSV file) as relevant.

More details on the NDIS report here.

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