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Claiming TAC with LanternPay

Setting up the LanternPay integration is essential prior to processing any payments or claims for The Transport Accident Commission of Victoria (TAC) via LanternPay. Find the setup instructions here.

Adding Claimable Services and Classes

Once LanternPay is linked to Nookal, Services and Classes will need to be set as Claimable.

1. Go to Setup > Items > Services.

2. Click on the Service to open the details’ page.

3. In the Integrations section, tick the box “Is Claimable” next to LanternPay.

Enable Integrations needs to be ticked for the item to be able to claim it with LanternPay.

4. Click Save Changes.

5. Repeat for all claimable Services and Classes.

6. Once the items are set as claimable, go back to Setup > Connections > Integrations > LanternPay > Configure.

7. Click on the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) tab.

8. Add the specific TAC Code for each item claimable with TAC.

9. Once all the codes are added, click Save Custom Codes.


Submitting TAC Claims

1. In the Diary, open the booking and click Generate Invoice.

2. Edit or add items if required and click Pay with Lanternpay.

3. Select Transport Accident Commission.

4. Click Setup to expand the section in which some required TAC claiming details will be pre-filled from information in Nookal.


5. Enter or edit any missing or inaccurate information. These TAC details will be saved for future claims.

Click Validate to check that the information entered is accurate prior to submitting the claim for payment.

6. Tick the Item and click Pay with LanternPay.


8. The invoice will be submitted and the status will be set as Pending. Any action related to the claim can be seen in the History tab on the invoice. The paid amount will be added to the invoice automatically once TAC has processed the claim.


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