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Claiming WorkCover Queensland with LanternPay by HICAPS

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Setting up the LanternPay Integration is essential before processing any payments or Claims for WorkCover Queensland via LanternPay. The setup instructions can be found here.

LanternPay’s WorkCover Queensland integration is one-way, meaning after a claim has been successfully sent to WorkCover Queensland, the final outcome of the claim will not be updated in Nookal or LanternPay.

This also means that these invoices must be manually paid off in Nookal once they have been paid to you by WorkCover Queensland.

To receive updates on the claim’s status and payment remittance, please directly contact WorkCover Queensland.

Adding Claimable Services and Classes

Once LanternPay is integrated with Nookal, Services and Classes must be set as Claimable.

1. Go to Setup > Items > Services.

2. Click on the Service to open the details page.

3. In the Integrations section, tick the “Is Claimable” box next to LanternPay.

Enable Integrations needs to be ticked before the item can be used for claiming with LanternPay.

4. Click Save Changes.

5. Repeat for all Claimable Services and Classes.

6. Once the items are set as Claimable, go back to Setup > Connections > Integrations > LanternPay > Configure.

7. Click on the WorkCover Queensland tab.

8. Add the specific Code for each item Claimable with WorkCover Queensland.

9. Once all the codes are added, click Save Custom Codes.


Submitting WorkCover Queensland Claims

1. In the Diary, open the booking and click Generate Invoice.

2. Edit or add items if required and click Pay with Lanternpay.

3. Select WorkCover Queensland.

4. Click Setup to expand the section in which some required WorkCover Queensland claiming details will be pre-filled from information in Nookal.


5. Enter or edit any missing or inaccurate information. Please note that these details (such as the Patient Membership No) will need to be entered manually for each client’s first Claim. These WorkCover Queensland details will then be saved for all future Claims.

The Biller Account No. can be located on your WorkCover Queensland Remittance as below.

6. Select WorkCover Queensland as the Code Entity.

7. Tick the Item and click Pay with LanternPay.

WorkCover Queensland do not currently support claim validation.

8. The invoice will be submitted. Any action related to the Claim can be seen in the LanternPay Report and the History tab on the invoice, which will show one of three statuses specific to WorkCover Queensland claims as outlined below.

WorkCover Queensland Claim Statuses

  • Sent – A status of Sent means the claim is now pending with WorkCover Queensland and any further correspondence will come directly from them, usually in the form of a WorkCover Queensland remittance. This is the final status a WorkCover Queensland claim will arrive at in our LanternPay integration.
  • Pending – A status of Pending means the claim details are currently being checked by LanternPay. Review the LanternPay Report to see if the status has been updated.
  • Rejected – A status of Rejected does not mean the claim has been rejected by WorkCover Queensland, rather it means the claim details need to be reviewed so the claim can be resubmitted. A Rejected status will also be accompanied by the reason for rejection to assist in correcting the claim details prior to resubmission.

The paid value of WorkCover Queensland claims will not be shown on the LanternPay Report.

View a list of submitted claims and their statuses using the LanternPay Report via Reports > Financials > LanternPay.

Click here for more information on how to use the LanternPay Report.

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