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Clients and Cases Report

Austin Written by Austin
... on a nifty November day.

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What can you use this Report for?
Filters and Options
What is displayed in the report?
Tips and Tricks

The Clients and Cases Report lists all new Client and Case that had their initial appointment (services only).

What can you use this Report for?

Generate this report to analyse new client retention and to identify Clients without future bookings.

Filters and Options

Filters Description
Date First appointment scheduled within timeframe.
Locations Location of the appointment to include in the report.
Providers Provider providing the Service to include in the report.
New Clients New Clients will be included in the report.
New Cases New Cases will be included in the report (even if not a new client).

What is displayed in the report?

  • The table displays each New Clients and/or Cases in a seperate line along with Cases details, future appointment, communication details and a column to record follow up.
Column Description
Client Name of Client that is New or has had an appointment for a New Case.
Case Case title of the appointment.
Payer Payer of the Case attributed to the appointment.
Location Location of the appointment.
New Client Ticked if a New Client.
New Case Ticked if it is a New Case.
Initial Date of the initial appointment for this Client or Case.
Provider Name of the Provider the appointment was booked with.
Next Any future booking not yet Completed.
Bookings Number of appointments complete / total number of appointments booked (includes DNA and cancellations).
Email Email address of the Client.
Receive Email Ticked if the Client has consented to receive reminders by email.
Mobile Mobile number of the Client.
Receive SMS Ticked if the Client has consented to receive reminders by SMS.
Followed-up This box can be used to manually record when a client has been followed up.

Tips and Tricks

This report only displays New Client that had Services booked.

New Clients that have only attended Classes are not listed.

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