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Colours and Icons in the Diary

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Appointment Colours
Appointment Flags and Outline
 Appointment Icons
Class Indicators

Nookal has default colours and icons displayed in the Diary so it is easy to know what is going on with just a glance at the screen.

Appointment Colours

The entire appointment block changes colour depending on the status. Until the appointment has a status, it uses the colour set in Setup > Items > Services.

  • Purple: The appointment has been set as Arrived.

  • Green: The previously Arrived appointment has been set In Session.

  • Orange: The appointment has been set as Did not Arrive (DNA).

  • Nookal Green (blue/green): An Invoice has been generated from the appointment (status is Invoiced/Completed).

  • Pink: The Appointment Status has been reset by selecting None. Resetting the status is used if a status has been selected by mistake (e.g. Confirmed, Arrived, DNA).

Classes will not change colour according to the status of Clients booked in the Class, the Class window needs to be opened to see the status and different icons.

Appointment Flags and Outline

Flags are the small triangle in the corner of an appointment block.

  • Orange flag in the top right corner: An Appointment reminder or message was sent for the appointment.

  • Green Flag in the top right corner: the Appointment has been set as Confirmed.

  • Red flag at the bottom right corner and red outline of the appointment box:  There is an Alert Note in the Client Profile, the Alert is displayed under the Client Name.

  • Red outline of Appointment block: There is a note for this specific appointment, the note is displayed under the Client Name.

 Appointment Icons

Icons help you get a bit more information on the Appointment, they are always displayed in the top left corner, between the Appointment time and the Client Name.

  • White star (full): Appointment for a New Client.

  • Star outline: First appointment for a New Case, existing Client.

  • Circled Number: Number of sessions left that have been approved by the Payer (set up in the Case).

  • Piece of paper icon: A Clinical Note has been written for this Appointment.

  • Computer icon: The booking was created with Online Bookings.

  • Currency ($) icon: There is a Budget attached to the Case on this Booking.

Class Indicators

  • Red flag at the bottom right corner and red outline of the Class box: There is a note for this Class.

  • White circle with a Number: Number of participants currently booked for the Class.

More information can be seen when clicking on the Class to open the Class window.

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