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Connecting Nookal to Mailchimp

Nookal Written by Nookal
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Deleting a List

Nookal users can now connect their accounts to Mailchimp to create and manage different mailing lists. This means Clients in Nookal can be sent over to Mailchimp to easily send bulk emails and newsletters.

Be aware that once the integration is set, all Clients that provided consent for Email Marketing will be added to Mailchimp.


Removing consent in Nookal afterwards will not unsubscribe them in Mailchimp. This will need to be done manually.

It is possible to create different mailing lists to target specific Clients according to their demographics or previous bookings.


Go to the Setup section.


Click Integrations under Connections. 


Enable Mailchimp from the list of available integrations and click Configure. 


Click Add Mailing Group at the bottom left corner.


Copy the Mailchimp API key from the Mailchimp account and paste in the API Key field in Nookal. For more help on finding the API in Mailchimp, click here.


Select the Mailchimp List in which Clients will be added.

7. In the Options section, select Clients from which Locations will be added to the list.

The Location refers to Client enabled for the Location in their Client Profile, not Clients that have attended the Location.


Select which Clients will be added to the list, All Clients or Specific Clients.


If selecting Specific Clients, make the appropriate selection amongst the options related to their demographics (age or gender) or previous bookings (date of booking, provider, payer or booking type).

10. Click Save and repeat this process for each required list. 

The Mailchimp integration only adds Clients to your MailChimp Audience Lists, it does not unsubscribe or remove them.

Once saved, the list and Client details will be displayed in the Mailchimp Setup page. All Clients who have consented to Email Marketing (displayed in Clients > Profile > Consent) will be sent across to Mailchimp.

Going forward, Nookal will send any new Clients added to Nookal between 10pm and 12am AEST every night.

Deleting a List

To stop adding Clients to a list in Mailchimp, simply head back to the Mailchimp setup page to delete the list.

Deleting a list will stop adding new Clients to the list but Clients already added will not be deleted or unsubscribed in Mailchimp.


Head to Setup > Connections > Integrations.


Click Configure next to Mailchimp.


Click on the list.


Click Delete at the bottom right corner.

To stop all Lists from adding Clients in Mailchimp, simply disable Mailchimp in the Integration.

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