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Connecting Nookal To PatientNotes

Jadzia Written by Jadzia
... on a delightful December day.

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Connecting the Integration
Removing The Integration

PatientNotes is a clinical note-taking tool that uses AI to write clinical notes, patient summaries, and medical letters. It is designed to improve quality, consistency, and save you time that is better spent hands on with clients.
In this article, we’ll cover how to connect Nookal to PatientNotes so you can start syncing your Clinical Notes from PatientNotes to Nookal.

A PatientNotes account is required. To sign up or simply see if this product is suitable for your practice, click here.

Connecting the Integration


In Nookal, head into Setup.


Then select Integrations under Connections.


Toggle the PatientNotes Integration to Enabled, and select Configure.


Copy the API Key from the Configuration page, we’ll need this for later.


Login to your PatientNotes account and navigate to Organization.
Then select Configure on the Nookal Tile.

You’ll need to have setup your Organization in PatientNotes first in order for the Integration Configure option to be available.


Now Paste in the API Key you copied from your Nookal account in Step 4, and select Submit.

You should briefly see a notification pop up in the top right corner of PatientNotes confirming the Nookal Integration has been created.


PatientNotes is now connected to Nookal! See the PatientNotes Getting Started page or contact hello@patientnotes.app page for information on using PatientNotes with Nookal.

Please be patient. It can take some time for the data to fully sync from Nookal to PatientNotes.

Only Clinical Notes will sync to Nookal, other letters and reports will have to be copied and pasted from PatientNotes to your Nookal account.

When you save a Clinical Note entry in PatientNotes this will be added into the Client’s Clinical Notes in Nookal. However, the entry will not be linked to the booking in the Diary. You can do this by following the steps in this help article.

Removing The Integration


To remove the Nookal Integration from your PatientNotes account head into Organization and click Modify on the Nookal Tile.


Select Delete Integration. A notification will briefly be displayed in the top right corner to confirm the Integration has been removed.


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