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Connecting Nookal to Physiotec

Nookal integrates with Physiotec so Clients in Nookal are automatically synced to Physiotec to build exercise programs in Physiotec that will be sent to Nookal.

Below explains how to set up and use the integration.

Connecting Nookal to Physiotec

1. In Nookal, go to Setup.

2. Click API Keys under Connections.

3. Click Generate API Key and copy the API Key (click here for more details)

4. Login Physiotec and click on the Administration tab.

5. Click on Integration.

6. Paste the Nookal API Key in the Nookal Integration API Key field and click Validate.

7. Select the Location to be enabled for the Physitec integration and click Validate.

8. Select which Practitioners will be enabled for the integration and click Validate.

Once these steps are completed, the integration is ready.

Using Physiotec with Nookal

To add an exercise program to a Client’s file, the program needs to be created in Physiotec and synced with Nookal afterwards.

1. Open Physiotec, find the Client and create the exercise program.

Once Nookal is linked with Physiotec, no need to create Clients in Physiotec as Clients will be automatically synced.

2. Once the program is finished, Click Send to EMR.

The program will be saved as a PDF file in the Client’s Documents section.

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