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Connecting Nookal to TrackActive

To automatically update your TrackActive account with your Nookal patients, you can integrate your Nookal account with your TrackActive account.

1. Go to Setup > Connections > Integrations > TrackActive.

2. Enable the integration by toggling on the button on the right-hand side so the button appears blue with a tick. Click on the Configure link.

3. Select and copy your TrackActive API Key.

4. Login to your TrackActive account. On the left-hand side of the panel on the TrackActive Dashboard, click on “Settings”. In the “Settings” page, click on “Integrations”.

5. Click on “Nookal”, enter the API key and click “Connect”.


TrackActive will now automatically connect to your Nookal account and add your Nookal patients.

Please note: If you have existing patients in your TrackActive account and you integrate with Nookal, this may produce some duplicates if the same patients are also in Nookal. You can remove duplicates at a later date by archiving duplicates from the patient list in TrackActive.

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