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Connecting Nookal to Xero

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Nookal integrates with Xero so invoices and/or payments in Nookal are synchronised in Xero. Read carefully the details below to select suitable options for the practice.

A Xero account is required to set up this integration. If you do not have an account with Xero, refer to xero.com to see if this product is suitable for your practice.

Synchronisation Types

This integration is one way which means data recorded in Xero will not be transmitted to Nookal. Recording information in Xero and Nookal may lead to synchronisation errors or duplication.

The synchronisation transmits information that has been added in Nookal to your Xero account. Depending on the synchronisation options, different information will be transferred:

  • Invoices: All invoices and entries added during the date range selected will be synchronised (e.g. invoices raised, payments, adjustments…)
  • Daily takings: Only the total amount processed for each payment methods (e.g. cash, debit card…) during the date range will be pulled across.

If selecting Daily Takings, be aware that backdated payments will still show in Xero on the date it has been added to Nookal, not the date recorded. Also, if payments are deleted or paid invoices are voided after they have been synchronised, they won’t be deleted from Xero.

Connecting Xero with Nookal

1. Go to Setup.

2. Click Integrations under Connections.

3. Enable Xero and click Configure.

4. Click Add Account.

5. The page will be redirected to Xero Login page. Enter the Xero account email and password and click Log in.

6. Once logged in, click Allow access on to authorise Nookal to access the data in Xero to enable the synchronisation.

7. Once the access is confirmed, it will redirect to the Xero Setup page in Nookal, information from Xero will be available to finalise the setup.

Setting Up the Synchronisation

1. Select for which Locations the synchronisation will happen.

The data from all selected Locations will come together in Xero, not split into different sales accounts or bank accounts.

2. Select the Type of synchronisation: Daily Takings vs Invoices (refer above for more details).

3. Select the frequency of Synchronisation in the dropdown list next to When.

4. Select the default Sales Account and Bank Account where the invoices and/or payments will be synchronised.

The Sales Account and Bank Account from Xero will be displayed. If there are changes to these account in Xero, the integration setup will need to be updated.

5. Select in which Bank Account the different Payment Methods will be synchronised (Optional).

6. Once the setup is completed, click Save Setup.

Check out the below FAQs for more details on the integration.

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