Advanced setup

Creating a Discount


If any kind of Discounts is used in the practice, they can be set up in Nookal so they use can be tracked over time. See the steps below to find out how to create and configure Discounts.

1. Go to Practice.

2. Click on Discounts under Setup.

3. Click Add Discount at the bottom right side of the page.

4. Type in the Discount Name.

5. Select in which Locations the Discount will be available.

6. Choose if this Discount will be for a Fixed Amount or a Percentage.

7. Choose the Discount Amount.

8. Select if the Discount can or cannot be changed when applied to an invoice.

9. Set the Discount as Active to start using it.

10. Click Save.

Once Discounts have been created, they can be applied to invoices. SeeĀ  Apply a Discount to an Invoice for more details.