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Creating a Provider Management Plan

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Creating a Plan from the Diary
Creating a Plan from the Clients Section.

The Plans section allows Nookal users to generate pre-formatted Provider Management Plans for clients. Plans outline the treatment goals and objectives for a client’s specific case.

Adding information to plans is similar to working with the clinical notes or letter templates.

The quickest way to access the plan section is from an Appointment in the Diary. If there are no recent appointment for this Client, it is also possible to reach the plan section from the Client’s Profile. See below for more details.

Creating a Plan from the Diary

When accessing the Plans from the Diary, the Plan will be automatically linked to the Appointment’s Case.


Click on the booking in the Diary.


In Classic view, click Clinical Notes at the top of the appointment window.

In Fresh view, click on Clinical Notes on the right-hand side of the appointment screen.



In the Clinical Notes section, click on the Plans tab.

If the Plans tab is not displayed, Plans might not be enabled in the account, see Enabling Provider Management Plans for more help.


Select the Plan Template from the list of available plans.


Client and Case information already in the Client’s file will be automatically added in the plan such as the name, DOB, etc. Fill out the other required fields with the appropriate information.


Click Save once finished.



A preview of the plan will be displayed in a PDF version, from there it is possible to:

  • Simply Close the plan to come back later.
  • Click Edit to modify the plan.
  • Click Email to email it.

It is possible to Print the plan using the pdf viewer option.

Creating a Plan from the Clients Section.


Head to the Client’s Profile. See Finding a Client’s Profile for more help.


Select Clinical Notes.


Select the appropriate Case the plan will be assigned to.


Follow step 3 onwards from the section above.

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