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Creating Appointment Reminders

Sending appointment reminders are important in ensuring that your clients are reminded of their upcoming appointment, whether it is an individual consultation or a group class. Using our automatic Email or SMS reminders system means that once you have set it up to your liking, you sit back and relax knowing that Clients will receive their reminders.

When setting up Campaigns, it is easy to send the same message to all Clients attending their appointments across all Locations with all Practitioners, or to select specific Locations/Services/Practitioners to send more personalised messages.

If you provide Services and Classes, you will need at least 2 different campaigns as the same campaign can only be used for either Services or Classes, not both.

There are two ways to send appointment reminders: Email or SMS.

Email reminders are free of charge but SMS reminders have fees so, if you choose to send SMS reminders, make sure you have enough SMS Credits in your account (Practice > Subscription > SMS Credits).

Whether you use Email or SMS, make sure your clients have their consent boxes ticked for SMS Reminders, Email Reminders or both, otherwise they won’t receive scheduled messages.

1.  Go to Manage.

2. Click Campaigns under Communications.

3. Click Create Campaign in the bottom right corner.

4. Add a Title to easily recognise your message.

5. In type, select Send Reminder Messages.

6. Click Next.

Who will receive the reminders

This section covers how to configure which clients receive which reminders.

7. Select if Services or Classes attendees will receive the messages.

8. Choose which Classes or Services are included (All or a Selection – select which ones).

9. Choose for which Locations the message is sent (All or a Selection – select which ones).

10. Choose for which Practitioners the message is sent (All or a Selection – select which ones).

11. Click Next.

When will the reminders be sent

12. Select how long before the appointment the message will be sent. Set a Number of Days, Weeks or Months.

13. Select which day of the week should the message be sent, Every Day or Specific Days.

If you choose Every Day, you can choose to Skip Weekends so that messages will be sent on Friday instead.(e.g. if you send your message 2 days before the appointment, reminders for appointments on Mondays and Tuesdays would also be sent on Friday.)

If you choose Specific Days, tick the boxes of the day the message will be sent, not the day of the appointments.

14. Choose at what Time of the day the messages will be queued to be sent.

15. Click Next.

How will the message be sent

16. Choose the Type of message, SMS or Email.

17. Type the Message, and click on Client, Appointment or Location to add placeholders that will be replaced by the personalised information when sending the message.

Use the Placeholders to customise the message for each Client, Appointment, and Location.

18. Add a Subject (email only).

19. Review your Campaign and click Save.

Once saved, the Campaign will be displayed in the list of Campaigns and can be edited or made inactive at a later time.


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