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Creating Nookal Access for Staff Members

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This guide explains how to create Nookal access for existing Staff members in order for them to log in to Nookal.

If the Staff member hasn’t been created yet, see Adding Staff Members.


Go to Setup.


Click Staff under Users.


Click on the Name of the Staff member needing an access to be created for in the list of existing Staff. Active and Inactive Staff are listed under the appropriate tabs.


Once in the Staff page, set Status as Active in the Account section.


Set Access as Web or Web + App.


Enter the Email address the Staff member will use to log in to Nookal.

Staff will be sent an email to confirm their email address for security purposes.

They will need to be logged in to Nookal prior to confirming their email address.



Set a Password that will be used to log in. Choose a password or use the Generate button. Type the Password in the Confirm Password field.

The password will NOT be sent to the Staff Member so it will need to be provided to them.

To ensure account security, advise Staff member to change their password when they first log in. See Changing account password. if instructions are required.


Select a Permissions group in the drop-down menu.

Review and adjust predefined Permissions groups before creating access for Staff members to protect private information. See Managing Staff Permissions for all the details on managing permissions.


Select the Locations the Staff member can access.


Click Save Changes (or Create Staff Member) at the bottom right of the window.


Click OK when the notification window pops up to confirm changes have been saved.


Repeat these steps for every Staff member needing an access created.

If the Staff member is a Provider, see Setting Up Staff as Providers to ensure all the relevant information is added.

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