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Creating Snippets

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Using Snippets in Clinical Notes

Snippets are reusable blocks of text that can be created in Nookal to speed up the writing of Clinical Notes. Snippets allow the user to enter a portion of text that can be used across any Clinical Note template.

See the steps below on how to create Snippets.


Go to Manage.


Click Snippets under Clinical.


Click Add Snippet from the bottom-right corner.


Create a Label for the Snippet. You will use this Label to search for the Snippet when writing Clinical Notes.


Add the Text that the Snippet will comprise of.


Click Save Changes.

Your Snippet is now ready to be used when writing a Clinical Note.

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Using Snippets in Clinical Notes


You can add the Snippet to your Clinical notes in any Text field by clicking the letter ‘A’ to the right side of a text box or using the ‘!’ symbol when typing in the Text field.


Scroll through the list of available Snippets, or start typing out the Label name, and select the relevant Snippet from the dropdown.


The selected Snippet will be inserted into the Text field.

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