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Discharging Cases

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Discharge a Case

After a Case has been completed it may be changed to a Discharged status. Discharging a Case removes the Case from a Client’s list of Active Cases, and ensures it is no longer selectable when creating bookings for the client.

Clinical Notes and Documents associated with Discharged Cases can still be viewed and managed in the same way as an Active Case.

Discharge a Case


Click on the Clients menu and search for the Client.


Click Cases from the Client’s profile menu.


Open the Case that needs to be Discharged.


At Status select Discharged.


Save Changes.

The Case will now appear under the Client’s list of Discharged Cases.


Discharged Cases can be tracked via the Discharges Report.

Discharged Cases can be reopened at any time by setting the Case Status to Open and Saving Changes.

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