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Editing Events Details

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Once an Event is booked in the Diary, the Title, Category, Participants and Location of the Event can easily be changed by editing the information in the relevant fields.

If needing to book an Event, see Booking an Event.


Click on the existing Event in the Diary.


To change the Title, click in the Title field at the top left of the window.


To change the Category, click on the dropdown list and select a different Category or Create a New Category if appropriate.


Add or edit Participants by clicking on the corresponding tick box next to each name in the Participant Section.


To change or add Location information such as Contact Name, Phone, Company or Address, fill in or edit the appropriate fields in the Location section.


Once edits and updates are completed, click Save.

If the selected Event is a recurring Event, a pop-up window will appear to confirm which Event should be edited.

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