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Export for NDIS Portal

Nookal Written by Nookal
... on a delightful December day.

Use the NDIS export tool to export invoiced items and submit claims within the NDIS portal.


Head to Manage.


Click NDIS Export under Administration.


Select the filters (Location, Provider, Payer Type) as relevant.


Select a Date range corresponding to the item date.


Click Generate.


The list of invoiced items matching the criteria will be displayed, review claim details, select items to export, and click Export.

The NDIS Registration No. can be added to the NDIS Payer Contact to be automatically added in claims.

If all the claims are valid, a CSV file named NDIS_Export will be generated and downloaded, ready for importing into the NDIS portal.

If you have opened the NDIS Export file as a Spreadsheet (in Excel, or similar), please ensure the Date Format is retained as YYYY-MM-DD, otherwise it will be incompatible with the NDIS portal.


If some claims are incomplete, 2 CSV files (error_found and failed_items) will be downloaded in a zip file to help find and rectify the errors to claim successfully.


All exported claims will be listed under the History tab where they can be downloaded again or deleted as relevant.

Items successfully exported will not reappear in the search until they are deleted from the History tab to prevent duplicating submissions.

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