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Finding a Client’s Profile

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Accessing a Client’s Profile from an Appointment in the Diary

Accessing a Client’s Profile from the Clients Section

Once clients are created in Nookal,  users can access Client Profiles in two ways: from an Appointment in the Diary or from the Clients section. See the step by step instructions on how to find clients using these two methods below.

Accessing a Client’s Profile from an Appointment in the Diary


In the Diary, click on an Appointment for the Client.


In Classic View, click on Client Info.


Click on one of these options to access the corresponding section in the Client Profile:

  • Client Details – Client’s main Profile section (demographic information).
  • Client Accounts Account section including invoices, credit, payment history, etc.
  • View Third Party DetailsClient’s third-party records.

In Fresh View, click on the Client Tab.

Click on Clients Details or Clients Accounts to reach the relevant section.

Accessing a Client’s Profile from the Clients Section


Click on Clients in the top navigation bar.


Enter Client information in one or multiple search boxes.


Once information has been entered in a search box, the system will display a list of clients matching this information on the results page. Click on the Client Name.

If the Client isn’t showing in the list, the Client might be restricted to a different Location – make sure the Location at the top right of the screen is the right one.


This action will open the Client Profile page.


Find all the information regarding this client by navigating through the appropriate sections on the left side menu.

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