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Generating Statements

Statements provide a snapshot of account activity to quickly show any outstanding invoices along with any recent payments and credit notes applied to a specific Client account. They can be sent to Clients or their Payer(s) on a monthly basis to remind them of any outstanding account balance. See below for steps on how to Generate Statements.

1. Open the Client Accounts section. See Finding a Client’s Profile for help accessing the Accounts section.

2. Click Generate Statement at the bottom of the window.

3. Select the Addressee (Client or any Third Party listed in the Client Account).

4. Choose the Dates that the statement should include.

5. Click Generate.

To include specific information in the statement, tick the appropriate boxes before generating the statement.

A Client Statement will  look like this:

A Third Party Statement will look like this:

To address a Third Party statement to the Client choose the Payer at the top and ticking the box Address to Client that appears at the bottom.

6. Email the Statement as an attached pdf document or Print the report by clicking Print or Email.

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