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How to Create a Consolidated Invoice

Jadzia Written by Jadzia
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Enable Consolidated Invoicing for your Payers
Creating a Consolidated Invoice

If multiple clients share the same Third Party Payer, you can generate a Consolidated Invoice that displays all clients on the same invoice.

Enable Consolidated Invoicing on your Account


Navigate to Setup.


In Extensions, head to Advanced.


Toggle on Consolidated Billing.


Enable Consolidated Invoicing for your Payers

If you have only just Enabled the Consolidated Billing feature, you may need to log out of Nookal and then back in for the functionality to load against your Contacts.


Navigate to Contacts.


Choose the Contact for whom you want to enable Consolidated Billing.


Once you have clicked on the Payer, tick the Consolidated button in the top right corner to ensure you can create consolidated invoices for this Payer.


Creating a Consolidated Invoice


Navigate to Manage.


Under Administration, click on Bulk Invoicing.


Tick All Locations or click on the Selection box to choose specific locations.


 Select the Invoice Type, which is the Payer of the invoice. You will need to make sure to only select one Third Party Insurer and deselect the Private Invoices and Ad-hoc Invoices options.

You will need to ensure that the invoices that you want to consolidate have the same Payer; otherwise no option to consolidate will appear.


Select the Invoice Status – set as Active Invoices or Unpaid Invoices.


Select the Delivery status as applicable. Choose from either All Invoices, Sent Invoices, or Unsent Invoices.


Select the Date Range for invoices by using either the Date Picker or Presets that can be accessed via the three vertical dots.


Click Generate.

This will generate a list of your invoices.


To consolidate these invoices, click Consolidate Invoices underneath your list of invoices.


Your consolidated invoice will appear in the Consolidated tab, next to Invoices.

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