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What to do when it looks like there’s a glitch in the Nookal matrix.

How to Whitelist Nookal Email Addresses

Sam Written by Sam
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Outlook and Hotmail

Sometimes emails from Nookal are blocked by your client’s email service provider.
If this happens, you will need to ask your clients to Whitelist Nookal email addresses.

Whitelisting ensures that important emails, such as those from trusted contacts, are not mistakenly blocked or marked as spam.

The following article provides a guide on Whitelisting Nookal email addresses for the main email service providers that this issue arises with.


Ask your client to:


Log into their Gmail account and select the Gear icon from the upper-right corner.


Under Quick Settings, select See all settings.


Click Filters and Blocked Addresses at the top, then select Create a new filter.


Enter @nookal.com in the From field, then select Create filter at the bottom.


Select Never send it to Spam Ask and the click Create filter.

Outlook and Hotmail

Ask your client to add the @nookal.com Email Domain to their Outlook or Hotmail Safe Senders List by following these instructions.

If emails from Nookal are not being received by staff within your practice, speak to your IT Department or Server Administrator and ask them to Whitelist Nookal email addresses for the entire company.

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