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Import from NDIS Portal

Kayla Written by Kayla
... on a nifty November day.

Use the NDIS Import tool to import NDIS claims and update the status of corresponding invoices in Nookal. This is to be used in conjunction with the NDIS Portal.

The NDIS Integration must be enabled for the NDIS Import feature to be available in Nookal. You can find out more information on how to set up the NDIS Integration here.


Head to Manage.


Click NDIS Import under Administration.

Check that the NDIS Import and Export has been enabled in your permission group connected to your staff profile from Setup > Users > Permissions to gain access to the NDIS Import feature.


Select Upload CSV and select the CSV file that has been exported from the NDIS portal to upload from your device.

If the CSV file uploaded is invalid or already uploaded in the Import History, an error message will appear as below.


Once the file has been successfully uploaded to the NDIS Import tool, you will be able to view the status of the Import under the Import Status column.

Once successfully uploaded the CSV files will return one of the following Import Statuses

Claims Remaining means the claims in this CSV need to be reviewed prior to import.

Imported Successfully means the claims in this CSV have already been imported into Nookal.

Error Processing means there was one or more errors causing the CSV file to not process correctly in Nookal.

Not Started means the CSV file has not started to be processed in Nookal.

Processing means the CSV is being processed and will soon be ready for review.


Any previously uploaded CSVs will be viewable in the Import History. Click on the uploaded CSV to expand the import. If the CSV has a “Claims Remaining” Import Status, you will need to review these claims to ensure they are imported.

Hover over the CSV Status to view a break down of details for the claims in the CSV.


Then review the individual statuses of your NDIS claims.

There are 5 different Claim Payment Statuses.

A SUCCESSFUL claim payment status means the claim has been approved by NDIS. These claims can be selected and imported to Nookal.

An IMPORTED claim payment status means the claim has been imported in your system.

A NO INVOICE claim payment status means no invoice matches the claim in Nookal.

A ERROR PROCESSING claim payment status means there was an error processing the claim in Nookal.

A FAILED claim payment status means the claim was unsuccessful.


If any of the claims return the FAILED Claim Payment status, you will be able to download a list of Failed Claims.



Tick the checkbox next to any SUCCESSFUL claims that you want to update in Nookal.


Then Save Changes at the bottom of the page.



Once the Claims have successfully been imported, the claim payment will appear on the invoice as a “NDIS Claim Import“.

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