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Getting Started

Everything you need to get up and running with Nookal.

Invoicing Options

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Invoice settings are configured per Location so they can be kept the same across multiple locations or can be different if relevant.

There are 2 sections where Invoices are setup: Invoicing and Locations.

See the steps below to configure Invoice settings.

Invoicing Section

1. Go to Setup.

2. Click Invoicing under Practice.

3. Click on the appropriate Location in the list.

4. Edit Prefix if relevant, the Prefix is the letters and numbers preceding the dash and invoice number.

Each Location will have a unique Prefix to facilitate invoice tracking and accounting.

5. Edit Padding, the amount of digits required for invoice sequencing.

6. Edit the Next Sequence No., the number that will be attributed to the next invoice generated for this Location.

If switching to Nookal, it will automatically start with 1 but it can be edited to follow on from the last invoice generated with a different invoicing software.

7. Repeat these steps for each Location.

Locations Section

Additional invoicing options are in the Locations page. They can be found in Setup > Practice > Locations.

1. Invoice Date: The date the invoice defaults to when being generated.  This can be updated to the Date of the first item in the invoice or the date of the last item in the invoice. Update with caution to avoid mixing up reports or having claims rejected by third-party payers. The Date of an Invoice can also be changed manually when the invoice is created or after it has been created.

2. Terms: This field is used to add payment terms and can also be used to add bank account details for bank transfers.

3. Date of Birth: Tick the Show Date of Birth option to add the Clients’ date of birth on invoices.

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