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Keeping Track of Ad-hoc Invoices

Sam Written by Sam
... on a magical May day.

When you generate Ad-hoc invoices via the diary that are not linked to an existing Client, you can manage or report on them simply and easily by following the steps below.


Head to Manage. 


Under Administration, click on Bulk Invoicing.


Tick All Locations or click on the checkbox to the left of each Location to choose specific locations.


Click on Type and select only Ad-hoc Invoices.  


Select the Invoice Status – set as Active Invoices or Unpaid Invoices.


Select the Delivery status as applicable. Choose from either All InvoicesSent Invoices, or Unsent Invoices.


Select the Date Range for invoices by using either the Date Picker or Presets that can be accessed via the three vertical dots.


Click Generate.

This will generate a list of your Ad-hoc Invoices.


From there, if payment isn’t recorded immediately, a few options are available:

  • Click on an Invoice Number to open it.

  • If you have a large list of invoices, choose to View More or All invoices on one page by selecting from these options.

  • Click Print to print the list of generated invoices.

  • Click Download Report to export the list of generated invoices in CSV format.

  • Click Download Invoices to download the selected invoices as PDF files in a zip folder.

When using the Download Invoices feature, Client Names will be removed from invoices by default. To Show Client Names toggle this to Yes before clicking the Download icon.

It is also possible to record bulk payment from this report. See Paying Invoices in Bulk for more details.

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