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Launching Physitrack Telehealth Consultations

Nookal Written by Nookal
... on a marvellous March day.

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Launching Physitrack Video Consultation from an Appointment in the Diary

Once Nookal is linked to Physitrack for Telehealth consultation, it is quick and easy to launch video consultations from the Diary for Consultations.

For the Video Consultation to be displayed, the Physitrack integration needs to be enabled and the Provider must have a Physitrack API saved in the configuration page. Click here for all the details on setting up the integration.

Launching Physitrack Video Consultation from an Appointment in the Diary

Physitrack Telehelath can be used for individual appointments only. See our other integrations which support telehealth consultations for Classes or multiple Clients simultaneously.


In the Diary, click on the Booking.


In Classic view, click on Communications at the top, then click Video Consultation.

In Fresh view, click on Communications at the bottom.

Then select Video Consultation and click on Next.


Click Send next to Email or SMS video link to send the link to the Client to join the video consultation.

If the Provider has multiple Telehealth integrations enabled, select Physitrack in the list of available integrations before sending the link.

A confirmation will be displayed for a few seconds.

The email will look like this:


When ready to start the consultation, click Start.

A new window will open directly on the Client’s profile in Physitrack.


Once the Client has clicked on the link they will be redirected to Exercise Program in PhysiApp.

The Client needs to be in the Exercise Program section to receive the video call.


When the Client is online, Click Start video call.


In the new window that opens, click Join Call.


Once the provider joins the call, the Client can click Join video call.

Back on the Nookal’s window, you will be automatically redirected to the Client’s Clinical Notes, ready to write them during the session.

To finish the call, click End and Save the Clinical Notes.

Repeat for the next video consultation.

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