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Linking an Existing Clinical Note to a Booking

Nookal Written by Nookal
... on a joyful July day.

If a Clinical Note is written for a Booking but the Clinical Note icon is not displayed, it means they are not linked. Don’t panic, it can be fixed from within the Client’s Clinical Note section without the need to re-write the note.

Permission to Edit Clinical Notes Times is required to complete this change.


In the History section of the Client’s Clinical Note, find the Clinical Note that should be linked to the Booking.

If unsure if the Clinical Note is already linked to a Booking, look under the Provider Name, if a Booking Type is displayed, the note is already linked to the Booking of the Date/Time of the note.


Click on the Pen icon in the top right corner of the note.


Click Change Date.


Select a Date in the Previous Bookings section of the dropdown list.


Click Next to save the changes.

The Clinical Note’s Date and Time will be updated to the Date and Time of the Booking to keep the notes in chronological order. The Booking Type will also be displayed.

The time the note was written will not be changed and will still be displayed as the bottom of the note.

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