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Managing and Tracking a Budget

Nookal Written by Nookal
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Generating an Invoice

Generating an invoice for a Booking is very similar apart from the Balance being displayed at the top of the invoice.

The Budget’s balance is updated when Items are invoiced, not upon booking.

Select the appropriate Billing Category and confirm there is sufficient fund for the Category.

If using NDIS integration, the Category set for the item will be used by default. Change it as relevant.

Changing an Invoiced Item Category

1. Find and open the Invoice.

2. Select the Item.

3. Click Change Category in the right-hand side menu.

4. Select the appropriate Category and click Save.

Once saved, the new Category will be displayed on the invoice window.

Tracking a Budget

Once a Budget has been attributed to a Case and a Payer, the remaining balance will be accessible in different sections of Nookal.

If the option to set a Budget when adding a Payer to a Case is not displayed, head to Setup > Connections > Integrations and enable NDIS.

Tracking the Budget in the Diary

Each booking linked to a Case attributed to a budget will display the dollar sign icon.

Hovering over the appointment will display a breakdown of the Remaining Balance for each Category.

The appointment window will also display the Remaining Balance for each Category.

The Remaining Balance is updated when Items are invoiced, not upon booking.

Tracking Budgets and Payments in the Client Accounts

The Client’s Accounts section will display a third tab, labelled Budget.

In this section, each Case and Budget will be listed with the Invoices attributed to them. The budget breakdown, payments and balance will also be displayed.

Low Remaining Budget Notifications

If a Budget, or portion of the Budget drops below 10% of the initial value attributed, a notification will appear in the Diary Notifications, outlining the Budget drop for the patient.

Reporting on Budgets

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