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Using Nookal

Learn how Nookal works throughout your day and across your clinic.

Managing Appointments

Updating Appointment Status

Make updates to appointment statuses by clicking on the appropriate appointment in the Diary and choosing the appropriate status. The following statuses are available:

  • Confirmed – This will add an orange tag to the corner of your appointment.
  • Arrived – This will turn the appointment purple, and add the Client to the list of Arrivals (on the left-hand side below the calendar).
    • After a Client has been added to the Arrivals list, they can be selected and marked as In Session, which will then turn the appointment green.
  • Did Not Arrive – This will turn your appointment dark orange.

To undo any of these status changes, simply open up the appointment, hover over the option labelled Appointment and select Reset Appointment Status.

Moving an Appointment

To move an appointment to a different slot displayed in the Diary, click on the appointment to drag it to the new correct time and/or provider and drop it there.

To move it to a different date, open up the appointment, hover over the option labelled Appointment and select Move Appointment. Then navigate to the correct date and click on an available time slot.

Cancelling an Appointment

To cancel an appointment, open it, hover over the option labelled Appointment and select Cancel Appointment.

Enter the reason for cancellation which will be displayed in the Cancellation report.

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