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Using Nookal

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Managing Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

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Creating CPD Event Categories
Viewing your CPD Events

Managing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is easy with Nookal. Nookal allows practitioners to record their CPD tasks and time spent as Events in the Diary.

Creating CPD Event Categories

CPD tasks can now be added as an Event.

1. Navigate to Setup.


Click on Events under Items.


To set up Event Categories click Add New Event.


Add a Title, select a default Colour and click Create.

5. Toggle the CPD Event option.

5. Toggle Reduce Schedule to deduct the time of the Event from the practitioner’s “available” or scheduled time.

Reduce Schedule

When Reduce Schedule is toggled, the minutes spent on this Event will be removed from the practitioner’s scheduled minutes in the Occupancy Report and Dashboard.

6. Ensure the Active button is toggled on to be able to book this CPD task in the Diary.


Viewing your CPD Events

1. To view logged CPD events in Nookal, the practitioner will need to click on their Name in the top right-hand side of Nookal, then click on My CPD. 


From here the practitioner can view their logged CPD events. It is also possible to upload files related to the CPD event by clicking the Upload button to the right of the CPD event. After a successful upload, clicking on the file name will download the file.

CPD Upload


To export a copy of a practitioner’s CPD tasks from Nookal, click Export CPD (as pictured above) to export a list of tasks as a PDF file. Any uploaded files will also be included in the export.


Uploaded CPD files will also appear in the My Documents section of the practitioner’s account profile.

CPD Documents


These files can be moved between folders, and the practitioner will be able to View, Download, Email, Rename or Delete the documents as required.

My CPD Documents

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