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Using Nookal

Learn how Nookal works throughout your day and across your clinic.

Managing Notifications

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Notifications allow users to manage incoming alerts from any Nookal page quickly.

Please read the below to learn about managing and reviewing Notifications such as incoming SMS replies, Client Forms, and Online Bookings.

Please ensure you are in the correct location you wish to view Notifications, as they will be split on a per-location basis.

Viewing Notifications

1. To View Notifications, click on the Bell icon located within the Message Centre on the right-hand side of each Nookal page.

The red counter under the Bell icon indicates how many New Notifications have been received.

2. This will allow the user to preview the list of Notifications from Newest to Oldest.

3. Click on the purple arrow on the top-right of each Notification to expand it and view more information.

Dismissing Notifications

There are two ways to Dismiss Notifications when they are no longer required.

Please note that all SMS replies are stored within the Clients Profile > Messages section and cannot be permanently deleted by this action.

1. To Dismiss All Notifications click on Dismiss All.

2. To Dismiss Notifications individually, expand the Notification and click the Thumbs Down icon.

Replying to SMS Replies

It’s possible to respond to SMS Replies sent from Clients directly within the Notification.

1. Expand the SMS Notification.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the Message History to type in a reply.

3. Click the Plane icon to Send the SMS. An Estimated Cost will be displayed below the message.

Confirming Bookings from SMS Replies

It is possible to Confirm Bookings directly from an SMS Reply Notification. For this to occur, an SMS must be received from the Client, and an Upcoming Booking for the same Client must exist in the Diary.

1. Expand the SMS Notification.

2. Scroll to the Confirm Booking section of the Notification and click the checkbox next to the relevant booking to be marked as Confirmed.

3. Click Confirm & Dismiss to mark the booking Confirmed. This action will also Dismiss the Notification.

Reviewing Client Forms

Notifications will be received for all completed Client Forms.

1. If the Client Form does not Require Approval, the Notification will alert Staff to the fact it has been completed, and all details will be populated in the relevant Client sections.

2. If the Client Form does Require Approval, the Notification can be expanded for the Pending Changes to be reviewed.

3. Click on the Pending Changes dropdown to select how to proceed.

4. Either Accept All, Accept Some, or Reject All.

5. Individual responses can also be toggled to be Accepted or Rejected.

6. When the Changes are ready to be submitted, scroll to the bottom of the Notification to either Reject or Approve Changes as required.

Reviewing Online Bookings

Notifications will be received when an Online Booking has been made.

1. Expand the Online Booking Notification.

2. Review the details of the Online Booking.

3. Click on the Client’s Name to be taken through to their Client Profile.

Other Notifications

Notifications for SMS or Email errors, Low Stock Alerts and more may also appear in your Notification list. Expand these Notifications for more information about the Notification. For example:

1. Expand the Error Sending SMS or Error Sending Email Notification.

2. Review the Error details and manage as required. In this example, it would be advisable to call or email the Client to ensure they receive the communication.

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