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Managing Recurring Bookings

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Cancelling and Resetting Recurring Bookings

Find out how to create Recurring Bookings by clicking here and scrolling down to the heading titled Booking Recurring Appointments.

One of Nookal’s great time-saving features is Booking Recurring Appointments. This feature allows you to create multiple appointments in bulk, instead of manually adding them individually.

However, sometimes it may become necessary to Cancel or Reset these recurring appointments. This article will guide you through the process of Canceling or Resetting Recurring Appointments in bulk in Nookal.

Cancelling and Resetting Recurring Bookings

Cancelling and Resetting Multiple Bookings in bulk is possible via the Bookings section of the Client Profile.

Learn how to search for a Client Profile here.

If the Client has a recent Booking, you can navigate to their Bookings section quickly by clicking ‘Appointment List’ from their Booking in the Diary.



Click Bookings from within the Clients menu.


Click the checkbox next to each relevant Booking from the list, or alternatively choose a filtered list of Bookings from the Select dropdown.


To Cancel the bookings, click Cancellation under Set Status from the menu on the right side of the page.


If required, leave a note to describe the reason for Cancellation, then click Continue.


To Reset the Status of the bookings (for example, if they were Cancelled in error), click Reset Status.


The Status of each Booking is displayed in the Booking Details.

It’s also possible to Email or Print the selected Bookings by using the below options.



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