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Merging Duplicated Clients

Sam Written by Sam
... on a delightful December day.

This article explains how to merge clients. If you accidentally create a client that already exists in your Nookal account, you can combine the two records into one. This is also helpful if your client has used new information to book online, which will create a duplicate client.

Make sure you carefully choose the Primary Client and the Duplicate Client as only the Profile details (contact details, DOB, etc.) of the Primary Client will be stored in your account.

Merging clients will move all Appointments, Clinical Notes, Invoices and Documents from the Duplicate Client to the Primary Client.


Click Clients in the top menu.


Click Merge Clients in the left menu.


Select the Primary Clientthe contact details from the primary client will be saved.


Select the Duplicate Clientthe contact details from the duplicate client will be discarded.

Make sure you have selected the appropriate client because merging clients cannot be undone.


Click Merge Client at the bottom right of the window.


Type in the phrase and click Merge to confirm you want to merge clients.


Click OK when the confirmation window appears.


Click Close to return to Clients section.

To maintain data integrity, and historical accuracy, Clients cannot be deleted so if a Client was added in error, consider merging the record with another client. We recommend having a “dummy” or “test” client in your account for this purpose.

Why do I get Duplicate Clients from Online Bookings?

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