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Using Nookal

Learn how Nookal works throughout your day and across your clinic.

Message Centre

Sam Written by Sam
... on a fabulous February day.

With the introduction of the Message Centre, managing communications is now streamlined and available on every page in Nookal. This new design comprises a complete upgrade of existing functionality while at the same time reducing the need to click back and forth between pages in order to view Notifications, Waiting List, Mail, Tasks and Chats.

The Message Centre can be found on the right-hand side of all Nookal pages and contains the functionalities outlined below.



Easily send direct messages to individuals or groups within your organisation.

More details here.


Assign tasks to colleagues and complete tasks that you have been set.

More details here.


Check and action incoming notifications such as SMS replies, Client Forms, Online Bookings and more.

More details here.

Waiting List

Easily manage and Bulk Message Clients on the Waiting List for specific Appointment times.

More details here.


Quickly chat with other users and send messages to a specific Staff member or to all Staff members of a Location.

More details here.

Only users with access to Setup > Users > Permissions will be able to enable or disable Message Centre functionalities. Find out more here.

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