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Moving to Nookal

Joining the revolution? Everything to make the switch is right here.

Moving to Nookal From Gensolve

Sam Written by Sam
... on a magical May day.

📖 In This Article

1. Book in a Conversion
2. Set up your Nookal Account
3. What Information Can We Convert?
4. Complete a Trial Conversion
5. Complete a Final Conversion

Our Conversions team will happily assist you in moving your data from Gensolve to your new Nookal account.

The following guide will step you through the process of Moving to Nookal from Gensolve.

To help get you up and running, you will need:

  1. A Nookal Account – start a Free Trial if you need a new account.
  2. To be familiar with your Nookal Account – check out our Basic Training.

1. Book in a Conversion

When you’ve made the decision to move to Nookal, it’s time to book in a Data Conversion.

Email our friendly team at conversions@nookal.com to make a booking.

2. Set up your Nookal Account

Once you’re booked in, it’s important that you start setting up your account to ensure a smooth and successful conversion.

You will need to set up the following items:

It is important to ensure:

  • All Locations to be converted are set as active in both Nookal and Gensolve.
  • All Staff to be converted are set as active in both Nookal and Gensolve.
  • All Staff have exactly the same first and last names in Nookal as in Gensolve.
  • All Reminders are set as inactive until your final conversion has been completed.

The data types not listed above will be deleted during the conversion process.


Whilst you are welcome to enter trial data into your Nookal account, please do not enter any items that you wish to retainunless it is listed above.

3. What Information Can We Convert?

The next step is understanding exactly what types of data we can convert from Gensolve to Nookal for you.

Data Converted Notes
Client Demographics Partial Only includes Name, DOB, Address, Phone, and Email.
Appointments ✓ Yes  
Clinical Notes ✓ Yes  
Staff Profiles No  
Contacts ✓ Yes  
Financial Data No
Services No  
Classes No  
Inventory No  
Messages ✓ Yes  
Documents ✓ Yes Only converted during the Final Conversion stage.
Templates No  
Reminders No  
Integrations No  

* Whilst we make every effort to ensure your data is closely matched to the source, please be aware that there may be some formatting differences from the conversion process.

4. Complete a Trial Conversion

Before we convert your data from Gensolve, we want to make sure it meets your expectations – so we’ll complete a Trial Conversion with you to review and approve your data.

In this step, you will need to export your data from Gensolve and upload it to your Nookal account, so we can process it for you.

Important – please follow these steps closely, as missing items can result in a failed conversion.


Approximately 1-2 weeks prior to your Trial Conversion date – contact Gensolve and request a backup of your database.

  • We understand that Gensolve may charge a fee for this request.

Log in to your Nookal account and navigate to our secure file upload at: https://auzone1.nookal.com/v2.0/administration/fileuploader


Upload each file.

  • Please do not upload Documents (Patient DOCs, PDFs, Scans, etc.) at this stage – they are only processed after your Final Conversion.

After all uploads have finished, please email us at conversions@nookal.com so we can begin processing your data.


Once your Trial Conversion is complete, we will contact you with a checklist to review  your data.

  • Review your data carefully. It is critical to ensure your data is accurate and ready to go live.

Complete, sign, and return the checklist to us as soon as possible.

5. Complete a Final Conversion

Now that we have successfully completed your Trial Conversion, we can move on to a Final Conversion process with you.


We will need an up-to-date export of your Gensolve data.

  • This process is the same as your Trial Conversion – except, your Final Conversion will occur on a Friday evening, so please ensure your data is completely uploaded by Friday midday.
  • Any data entered into Gensolve after you complete the export will not be converted into your Nookal account. (This data will need to be manually entered after your Final Conversion is completed.)
  • We typically endeavour to have your Final Conversion completed and ready for you as early as possible on Saturday, but this can be affected by the volume of data in your conversion.

Once your Final Conversion is complete (excluding Documents), we will contact you with a checklist to complete your final review.

  • Do not enter new data or use your Nookal account until you have reviewed your data and are satisfied with your Final Conversion. (If you find an issue, we may need to completely remove your converted data and try again.)

Complete, sign, and return the checklist to us when you are satisfied with your Final Conversion.


Welcome aboard! You can now use your Nookal account.

A great first step – is to set each Contact as either a Payer or a Case Manager (where applicable) when your Final Conversion is complete.

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