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Moving to Nookal: Spreadsheet

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1. Book in a Conversion
2. Download our Spreadsheet
2. Open your Current Data
3. Move your Data into the Spreadsheet
4. Complete a Trial Conversion
5. Complete a Final Conversion

To help get you up and running, you will need:

  1. A Nookal Account – start a Free Trial if you need a new account.
  2. To be familiar with your Nookal Account – check out our Basic Training.

Please note – this is a paid service. We also offer a free data import option, and a Data Conversion service.

If you require multiple data types to be imported when Moving to Nookal, entering your data into Nookal’s Excel Spreadsheet is a great option.

Our spreadsheet allows you to enter any of the following Data Types for import:

  • Locations
  • Staff
  • Services
  • Classes
  • Inventory
  • Contacts
  • Clients
  • Appointments
  • Clinical Notes

All of these types can be seen as separate worksheets within the spreadsheet.

This process requires great attention to detail and a confident understanding of Excel Spreadsheets.


A spreadsheet containing missing or inaccurate data will result in data being incorrectly imported into your Nookal Account.

1. Book in a Conversion

When you’ve made the decision to move to Nookal, it’s time to book in a Spreadsheet Import.

Email our friendly team at to make a booking.

2. Download our Spreadsheet


Click here to download our Excel Spreadsheet.


Open the spreadsheet and navigate through each data type using the worksheet tabs.


Take note of the example data, which has been included to give you an understanding on how your data should be entered into the spreadsheet.

Before sending us the spreadsheet to import:

  1. Remove all the example data.
  2. Do not remove or change any headers.
  3. Do not add or remove any columns.

Modified headers or columns can result in a failed conversion.

2. Open your Current Data

Clean your data before entering it into our spreadsheet. Importing clean data gives you and your team the confidence that the data is accurate and reliable.


Open the data you want to copy into the Nookal spreadsheet, this should be in the form of another spreadsheet. For example, an export of Outlook Contacts will look similar to this:


Select the list of data from the first column, then right-click to copy.

3. Move your Data into the Spreadsheet


Open the Nookal Spreadsheet to the required data type worksheet tab.


Right-click into the first cell under the correct header and select Paste.


Repeat this for each column of data that can be imported. Making sure to verify that the data in each row matches correctly.


Repeat these steps for each of the data type worksheet tabs as required.

Each Data Type will also have one or more ID fields. Pay special attention to these as they are required to connect your data together correctly during processing.

Some Data Types require that you include another type of ID field – for example, you can’t provide Clinical Notes without the Clients they belong to:

Data Type Also Requires
Appointments At least one Location, Staff Member, Service or Class Type, and Client.
Clinical Notes At least one Staff Member and one Client.
Inventory At least one Location.
All other data types require Locations (one or many) – or you can optionally set them to being available in ‘All Locations’ with a 0 (zero) as their Location ID.

Save the Nookal Spreadsheet.

4. Complete a Trial Conversion

In this step, you will need to upload your data to your Nookal account, so we can process it for you.

Important – please follow these steps closely, as missing items can result in a failed conversion.


24 hours prior to your Trial Conversion date:

  1. Finalise your spreadsheet ready to be imported.

Log in to your Nookal account and navigate to our secure file upload at:


Upload your spreadsheet.

  • Please do not upload Documents (Patient DOCs, PDFs, Scans, etc.) at this stage – they are only processed after your Final Conversion.

After all uploads have finished, please email us at so we can begin processing your data.


Once your Trial Conversion is complete, we will contact you with a checklist to review  your data.

  • Review your data carefully. It is critical to ensure your data is accurate and ready to go live.

Complete, sign, and return the checklist to us as soon as possible.

5. Complete a Final Conversion

Now that we have successfully completed your Trial Conversion, we can move on to a Final Conversion process with you.


We will need an up-to-date export of your Spreadsheet data.

  • This process is the same as your Trial Conversion – except, your Final Conversion will occur on a Friday evening, so please ensure your data is completely uploaded by Friday midday.
  • We typically endeavour to have your Final Conversion completed and ready for you as early as possible on Saturday, but this can be affected by the volume of data in your conversion.

Once your Final Conversion is complete (excluding Documents), we will contact you with a checklist to complete your final review.

  • Do not enter new data or use your Nookal account until you have reviewed your data and are satisfied with your Final Conversion. (If you find an issue, we may need to completely remove your converted data and try again.)

Complete, sign, and return the checklist to us when you are satisfied with your Final Conversion.


Welcome aboard! You can now use your Nookal account.

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